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If you’ve been injured in Rome because of someone else’s mistake, you may be entitled to full compensation for your costs. An injury usually leads to medical bills, lost wages, and other expensive damages. But you have a legal right to seek recovery for any loss you didn’t cause. To get started, contact a Rome personal injury lawyer today.

At John Foy & Associates, we’ve been fighting for personal injury victims for more than 20 years. Every case we take on is personal, and full financial recovery is our main goal for you. Let us give you a FREE consultation to discuss your case. Call us today at 404-341-6447 to get started.

Six Steps to Starting a Personal Injury Claim in Rome, GA

You can start building your personal injury case as soon as you’re injured. Here are the top six things you should do after your accident.

1. Get Medical Attention

The most important factor after an injury in Rome is your well-being. If you have life-threatening or otherwise serious injuries after your accident, get medical attention right away. Take care of yourself first. This goes for anyone who is with you during the accident too, such as a car passenger. Call for an ambulance if immediate treatment is needed.

If you are well enough to stay at the scene, you should still see a doctor very soon after the accident. Injuries can change quickly with time, and you want to document their severity as fully as possible. Seeing a doctor creates a record of your treatment timeline, and it shows the insurance company your injuries were bad enough to need attention soon. Delaying medical treatment can mean larger bills down the road and less evidence to back up your damages.

2. Gather Evidence

Often, some of the most important evidence in a personal injury case is available at the scene of the accident. You can preserve the scene by taking pictures.

Use your phone to snap pictures of the entire accident scene, your injuries, and any property damage. Even if objects are moved or cleaned up the next day, you’ll still have a snapshot of what happened and what the damage looked like.

3. Talk to Witnesses

A lot of the time, other people see an accident happen. If there were others in Rome who saw your injury occur, talk to them. Ask for their names and contact information, and take notes about the conversation you had with them.

Eyewitness testimony can be really powerful in an injury claim. Your Rome personal injury lawyer will likely reach out to any witnesses later, so getting their information can be incredibly helpful.

4. Track Everything

Keep track of every expense related to your accident, including:

  • Medical and hospital bills
  • Prescription medications costs
  • Missed workdays
  • And property damage costs, such as repairs from a Rome car accident

Also, note any changes in your injuries. If they get worse with time, document this by taking pictures and go back to see your doctor.

5. Don’t Trust the Insurance Company

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses, and they care about their bottom line above all else. Unfortunately, this means personal injury victims often get taken advantage of after an accident. The insurance company of the person or party at fault may use tactics like:

  • Offering you a lowball settlement upfront, hoping you’ll take it out of desperation.
  • Calling and asking how you’re feeling, then using what you say against you. For example, if you politely say you’re “okay,” they may try to say you weren’t hurt as badly as you claim.
  • Taking a long time to answer your claim.
  • Trying to place the blame for the accident on you.

Whatever you do, never accept the first offer or sign anything from the insurance company until you know the full extent of your damages. Your total costs (current and future) are likely a lot more than you would expect, so you want to pursue a settlement amount that covers everything.

6. Call a Rome Personal Injury Lawyer

Because injury cases can get complicated quickly, we recommend contacting a personal injury lawyer in the Rome area as soon as possible. Many offer free consultations so you can speak to them about your case at no charge.

During the consultation, bring any documents related to your case and a list of questions to ask during the first meeting. The sooner you have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side, the better. They can advise you on the best steps moving forward and make sure you’re seeking a settlement that accounts for all your costs.

Statute of Limitations for Rome Personal Injury Cases

The statute of limitations is a time limit for how long you have to file a personal injury case with the civil court system. In Rome and the rest of Georgia, that time limit is two years from the date of your personal injury accident. If you file a case outside of this two-year limit, you probably won’t be able to file anything or pursue any type of recovery for the costs of your injuries.

There are a few exceptions to this rule, although they are pretty rare. If you’re filing an injury claim against the government (city or county), the statute of limitations is six months from the date of the accident that led to your injuries.

There are also certain situations where the clock may “toll” on a case and lengthen the total timeline. This can happen in situations where the injured person was a minor at the time of the accident and the clock doesn’t start until they turn 18. However, this type of situation is rare and it’s best to consult with your lawyer to know for sure. Chances are, the statute of limitations for your case is the standard timeline.

Speak to a Rome Personal Injury Lawyer for Free

Don’t struggle through the pain and overwhelm of a personal injury case alone. At John Foy & Associates, we can help. Our goal is full compensation of your damages. Let us handle the legal details so you can spend your time and energy on recovering and being with family.

We’ve been representing personal injury victims for 20+ years with more than $1 billion in settlements and verdicts. Working with us is risk-free because we don’t take payment unless we win you money – and you won’t have to worry about a cent until after your case is closed. To get started with a FREE consultation, call us at 404-341-6447, or visit our contact page today.

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