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Injuries happen every day in Hinesville. They happen many ways—from falls, from car accidents, and from faulty products—but all of them have two things in common. They’re all usually caused by someone’s carelessness, and in all of them, the victim usually has a right to recover money. If you’ve been injured, or someone you love has, don’t miss out on your legal rights. You need to talk to a Hinesville personal injury lawyer.  

John Foy & Associates has dedicated its entire law practice to helping those who were injured. For over 20 years we have been helping individuals and families through painful, difficult times—and helping them get the money and peace of mind they need. Let us give you a free consultation to answer questions about your case.

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What Kind of Injuries Are Eligible for Personal Injury Claims in Hinesville?

The most common types of personal injury cases we see are:

  • Slipping and falling
  • Being injured on the premises of a public place or a store
  • Car accident claims
  • Defective products that cause an injury
  • Medical malpractice
  • Injuries from attacks or crimes
  • Damage caused by improper care at a nursing home or other facility
  • Dog bite claims
  • Workplace injuries

As you can see, there is no single type of injury that is or is not eligible. Under the law, it all depends on who caused the injury. If it was potentially the fault of someone else, even unintentionally, then that person is liable and you likely have a claim.  

Who Is Considered Liable for My Injury?

It depends on what happened. However, there are two things you should know about liability in Hinesville (or statewide):

  1. A person (or company) can be liable even if they did not intend any harm. If their actions caused your injury—or their lack of action did—then it’s likely that they are liable for all the costs.  
  2. Regardless of who is liable, it’s unlikely that they will have to pay anything out of pocket. In most personal injury cases, there is ultimately an insurance policy that pays for the settlement. This could be property insurance, car insurance, a workers compensation policy or some other type of insurance.  

Whether someone is liable or not is usually based on negligence. Negligence simply means carelessness. Or rather, it means we all have a duty not to act in a way that could put other people at risk, and when we’re careless or fail to live up to that duty, we’re responsible for the outcome.

What Are the Examples of Negligence?

  • A property owner has an old dry well on their property, but there is no fence around the well and there is no locked cover over it.  
  • A man is running late taking his lunch break, so he decides to eat in the car as he drives back to work. One hand is off the wheel to hold his sandwich and he frequently has to look down to grab his soda.  
  • A company manufactures a toy for children. The toy is made of hard plastic, but it also breaks easily into small, jagged pieces. They do not put a minimum age on the toy or warn parents about the hazard.

As you can see, no one set our to hurt anyone in these examples. But each is an instance of carelessness posing a threat to others. If someone got hurt because of that carelessness, then the negligent person or company is liable for the costs.  

I’m Being Told the Injury Is My Own Fault. What Should I Do?

Ask yourself who is telling you that. What is their motive? In any injury, there’s almost always disagreement about what happened and who’s at fault. This is because people want to avoid blame and avoid paying any costs. Usually, you will face pushback from two main parties.

Either one or both of them may try to blame you. They are:

  • The person at fault. They may not understand the law. They may think they can’t be liable if they didn’t mean to hurt you. Or, they could even be lying to protect themselves.
  • The insurance company. The insurance company makes profit by paying as little in claims as possible. One way to deny a claim is to accuse the injured person of causing their own injury. They use this tactic often, especially when the victim doesn’t have a lawyer. If you don’t have a lawyer, the insurer knows that you don’t have a professional advising you on whether you have a case, and they try to convince you that you don’t.

Sometimes, even well-meaning friends and family will suggest that you’re at fault. But it isn’t their future that’s at stake, it’s yours. If you’re facing hospital bills or long-term effects from your injury, or if you cannot work, you need the money that the law guarantees you.  

When you talk to a Hinesville personal injury lawyers, they will put an investigator on the case to see what really happened. They’ll pull together facts and evidence to create an objective picture. Then they can give you a professional opinion on who is at fault and whether you have a case.  

I’ve Been Offered Money for My Injury. Should I Take It?

Always be careful with these offers. They usually come from an insurance company and they always come with paperwork to sign. If you take the money, you are signing away your right to get more—even if it turns out you need more treatment.

Insurance companies make these fast offers when they believe that the local courts would award you much more. They’re trying to save money. So, almost by definition, if you take the first offer you are likely losing money. Always talk to a Hinesville personal injury attorney before you sign or accept anything.  

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